Eros Element

by Cecilia Dominic

Two misfits struggling to craft a better future. A deadly cult intent on making them history.

Europe, 1871. Iris McTavish teeters on the verge of losing everything. After her father’s sudden passing and archaeology schools refusing to admit a female, the brilliant young woman fears her only escape from debt is an odious marriage. So when she’s offered the opportunity to replace her beloved parent on a mysterious expedition to stabilize aether as an energy source, the desperate lady leaps at the chance.

Teamed with a brilliant but anxious scientific genius, Iris travels to Paris in search of clues. But when their airship is attacked by clockwork automatons and her nervous partner is injured, the pioneering adventurer finds herself ensnared in a sinister conspiracy from which the only escape may be death…

Can Iris and her clever counterpart contrive a way out of certain doom?

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Category: Science Fiction – Steampunk