Enigma at the Greensboro Zoo

by David Kristoph & Danny McAleese

A Corporal in the Greensboro City Police Department, you’re one of the top candidates for promotion to Sergeant next month. All you need to do is coast and the job is yours… that is, until the Chief sends you on a mysterious midnight mission to the city zoo.

The power is out and the animals are running amok, but the biggest threat of all might be a beast you didn’t know was locked up. Can you restore order to the zoo before morning and impress the Chief, all while discovering what caused the chaos in the first place?

YOU choose your own path in this animal escapade adventure! Ultimate Ending lets YOU pick the story. YOU make the decisions, solve the riddles, avoid the traps and gather the clues. It’s a mystery and adventure book that YOU control!

Previously $3.99

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban