Endangered Species

by D.M. Rasey

“I could see the patterns as I watched the violence on the planet rise like a sick blanket: mass shootings; Riots; Cannibalism; Mothers kill their babies; Children kill children; wild, random acts – always too terrible to think about. It was everywhere you turned: internet, radio, television, even conversations at work. It was everywhere.”

Dr. Franz Oleum and Dr. Jessup Hinkle used to be ordinary scientists; the kind who wear white coats and work in some nameless lab making tons of money by doing a boring job few people can fully comprehend. But then, sequencing the human genome led to cancer research which led to a chance discovery foreshadowing… the end of humanity.

Despite being armed with the knowledge that mankind is on course to self-destruct, the doctors eventually abandon their research and lose touch with each other. But all too soon, signs of the inevitable appear.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian