Enchantment’s Reach Vol 1: The Orb Undreamed

by Martin Ash

A spellbinding fantasy saga of mystery, magic, conflict, intrigue and suspense.

Enchantment’s Reach is a land torn apart by internal and external conflict. From beyond come the Karai, an unfathomable non-human warrior race who conspire with beings believed to possess the powers of deities.
From somewhere deep within, a mystifying other-dimensional consciousness materializes, and wields unusual influence over King Leth.
A secret from the past resurfaces , threatening Leth’s queen, Issul, their family and the future of their world.
Factions and fanatical cults revive ancient feuds that threaten the realm. An enigmatic child may hold the key to an extraordinary mystery.

Together and alone, Issul and Leth discover their world is not as they had perceived it. Their lives are rocked to the core as they begin to uncover the true nature of the awakening universe they have been born into.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic