Empire Reborn (Taran Empire Saga Book 1)

by A.K. DuBoff

A forgotten enemy’s return reignites an ancient war…

TSS Agent Jason Sietinen’s investigation into a mysterious starship attack uncovers a chilling truth: the Taran Empire has inadvertently broken an ancient treaty with transdimensional aliens.

Now on the cusp of galactic war, Jason must find a way to unite the Taran worlds, including the lost colony of Earth, against the mounting alien threat.

Except, how do you fight an enemy you can’t see or touch?

Dive into this new series in the bestselling Cadicle Universe from award-winning and USA Today bestselling author A.K. DuBoff, perfect for fans of epic sci-fi featuring sprawling galactic empires, drama, and intrigue!

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera