Emperor of Mu: Book One: Sage of the Six Realms

by Jason Beveridge

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When the Emperor of Mu is mysteriously murdered, it starts a medieval thriller of rivalry, love and battles between races and kind alike.
Fingers point as Mu elects a successor. Meanwhile, in the outlands, the old races stir. The hunt for those with forbidden dark elf blood threatens another Elvic War. To the north, rumors spread of dragons returning after a three-hundred-solar absence. In the desert lands, the fearless Imanishi defend the empire from the night demons, while South of Mu, the sea invaders consolidate their rule.
The Saga of Six Realms epic book series – acclaimed for its world-building and unique characters – keeps you guessing with its twists and turns. You can also check out the reader’s companion website to learn more about this fantasy series, its characters and lore: https://www.sagaofsix.com/

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Category: Fantasy – Epic