by Raymond Springer

Two enemy factions race toward a childbirth: The Circle of Benediction, a secret society whose mission is to destroy anyone with supernatural abilities, and the Watchers, an underground group sworn to protect those with powers.

The Watchers, led by Jacob Pennington- an elderly man of unnatural strength, secure the child just before the Circle destroys him. But, can they keep him alive despite the Circle’s resources?

Held up at Pennington’s Rampart Industries, the Watchers will make their stand. Will they withstand the assault without the assistance of the child, or the child’s blood?

The birth of this child changes everything…and so would his death.

Previously $2.99

Emperor Hon

by Raymond Springer

Supernatural abilities that haven’t been seen on Earth in 7000 years come to life through genetically engineered teenage kids raised to be fighters. Cripple and wheelchair bound, Zachary’s confinement within self-proclaimed Emperor Hon’s Palace is only one of his struggles. Aging at four times the speed of other humans, he and the other kids are cadets in Hon’s Academy. Watching his brothers and sisters learning the art of the warrior makes him yearn to be among them. Four years have passed since his abduction. Zachary’s rival, Victor-The Master of Flame-views Zachary as inferior and refuses to play nice. Torn between who he is and who he wants to be, Zachary must decide whether to use his abilities that terrify him, or allow Victor to do as he may.

Previously $6.99

Category: Christian Fantasy