Emerald Emergent

by James Aaron

Get the first two books in the series for a total of just 99 cents!A reluctant adventurer and her curiosity-driven friend from a tiny village start a risky quest to replace her mother’s shattered belongings with ancient artifacts. They discover dangerous and thrilling galaxy-spanning technology and a symbiotic species, both of which threaten and change them in different ways. Quick and interesting read with themes of courage, learning to value self, recognizing fear and loss.

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


The Voices in the Woods

by James Aaron

A gift or a curse?

After barely escaping an ancient WorldShip and its ghostly pilot, Emmie finds herself alone, following her friend Bryte toward the sea, and ultimately the Hidden Schools in far Salia. The memories of a thousand years cloud her mind as she struggles to find her way between past and present.

Can she learn to control the weapon embedded in her wrist, or will it force her to fulfill an ancient plan?

Leaving home for the first time, Emmie will face a witch, a power she can barely control, and the possibility of losing her friend Bryte forever.

The Voices in the Woods is the second book in the Adventures of Emerald of Elegaia.

Previously $2.99

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