Elf World

by Dax Hunter

I was just a nerd in my world, for goodness’ sake. A nobody just trying to graduate college so I could go on and live a boring life like everyone else.

But when a confrontation with an old childhood bully went about as bad as it can go, at the last second I was suddenly teleported to a different world.

And not just any world, but a fantasy elf world like nothing I’ve ever seen.

And now all I’m trying to do is find a way back home.

But when the Village Elder gets taken prisoner, I’ll have to make a choice. Should I still try to go back to my world, back to my boring life with nothing to look forward to? Or do I stay in the elf world and help my new friends in their time of need?

Back home I’m a nobody, but maybe here I have a chance to be something more.

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Category: Dark Fantasy