Elf Empire

by John Stovall

Leo’s dreams were once to build dams. But now, they’re to rebuild a fallen elf kingdom in a magical land.

And to level up.

Leo started life as an engineer, helping his girlfriend to build the world’s most advanced water desalinization plant. But one day, he finds her being threatened by the loan shark she got the money to start the company from. Leo, his girlfriend, and the loan shark are all sucked into a portal.

Leo appears, alone, in the realm of a fallen kingdom, one that desperately needs someone who will both fight for what’s right and build a grand civilization.

Along with his new coterie of friends—a not-quite-a-princess elf and a crippled dragon—Leo must race to build his kingdom before the loan shark Kruegar can finish Leo off with a legion of orcs.

[A litRPG adventure with kingdom-building, base-building, some slice of life, and a whole lot of quipping.]

Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic