Eleven Graves: The Secret of the Missing Night

by Aman Gupta

Hiding from a mysterious entity for the past 3 years, Jay Miller, a young AI expert, seeks to avenge the assassination of his step-daughter and wife, while trying to outrun his past demons in a dystopian world. He has assumed a new identity in a peculiar county called New Frontier consisting of 5 towns, which shares its boundaries with a forbidden area TS – 19.
His pursuit of vengeance leads him down a tortuous path, where he stumbles upon a deeper secret about the events that transpired the night he lost his family, a night which he can only remember in short flashes, leading to a shocking revelation. Is his quest guiding him and his friends deeper into a bottomless pit or has he actually found the first clue left for him by his enigmatic adversary who’s ready to play again?

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Category: Hard Science Fiction