Ekstasis – The Return of the Sovereign Heart

by M. I. Dugast

Together, they are the keys to mankind’s original blueprint.
Apart, they must communicate through the pages of time.
Can their spirits rejoin in the physical realm and save humanity from oblivion?
A metaphysical and visionary tale of romantic suspense, and a journey of the alchemy of the soul.

“The unusual blend of romance and enlightenment creates a story that blossoms with inspiration and meaning. It’s especially recommended for spiritual readers who enjoy fictional accounts of journeys towards enlightenment.” – Midwest Book Review

“Spiritual, morally and emotionally complex ‘novels’ are exceptionally rare, but Ekstasis is just such one. If the thematic blend of love, reality, and spiritualism piques your interest, you will most likely love this massive work by Dugast.” -AuthorsReading.com

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Category: Fantasy – Metaphysical & Visionary