Edge of Collapse Box Set Books 1-3

by Kyla Stone

“One of the best apocalyptic series of the year! Unputdownable!” -Book Riot

Don’t miss the riveting Collapse box set from USA Today Bestselling Author Kyla Stone.

In the dead of winter, an EMP attack destroys the U.S. power grid.
No electricity. No cars or phones. No way to call for help.

But for Hannah Sheridan, it’s the best day of her life. For the last five years, she’s been the captive of a sadistic psychopath—until the EMP releases the lock of her prison.

With the help of a reticent spec ops soldier, she escapes into a hostile winter wilderness, but her captor isn’t about to let her go…

When the country goes dark, ordinary people find themselves facing the end of the world as they know it. With society collapsing before their eyes, they’ll have to risk everything to protect their home and the people they love.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic