Eden Rising

by Andrew Cunningham

Two folk heroes emerge from the ashes.

The Earth died in less than a minute. Cities were reduced to rubble. Billions of people died that day.

As the explosive Eden Rising Series opens, Ben and Lila are ordinary teenagers forced to rise to extraordinary heights when faced with a world that has suddenly and inexplicably died. Dealing with the sorrow of all they have lost, but the love they have found in each other, they set off on an odyssey that will bring them to the limits of human endurance and face to face with the frailty of their very existence.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

Eden Lost

by Andrew Cunningham

When a forest fire destroys their beloved forest sanctuary, Ben and Lila head west through the earthquake-ravaged landscape, toward a rumored thriving community in Yellowstone National Park.

But another rumor persists as well, that of a “great evil” in the Midwest–one they will have to deal with if they have any hope of making it safely to Yellowstone, a community they are not even sure really exists.

Six years after finding their peace, Ben and Lila have to re-enter the world. Has it gotten better or become far worse?

Previously $4.99