by Herman Steuernagel

In the not too distant future, humanity’s fate has been built upon lies and greed. On board the space station Eclipse, Django stumbles upon a secret that shatters his world, leaving his world shattered. Saving the little he has left means launching into the unknown.
Mikka, once a feared space pirate, is dragged back into the shadows of her past when an enigmatic distress call pulls her into a precarious alliance with an unpredictable pirate. With the life of her mother on the line, can she trust the one man who represents everything she’s fought against?
As the Syndicate’s orbital realm buzzes with whispers of rebellion, their paths entangle in a gripping dance of fate. Trapped in a web of deceit and revolution, they’ll face truths that will either bind or break them.
Eclipse is part dystopia, part space opera, perfect for fans of Red Rising, The 100, Firefly and Silo.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian