by John Triptych

The entire world will be destroyed. Only a chosen few can escape.

In the near future, a cataclysmic collision with a rogue planet destabilizes the Sun, causing an exponential increase to its output. With the ever increasing heat, all life on Earth will be extinguished within a decade.

As the global crisis deepens, it falls to a handful of individuals who will determine whether humanity lives or dies. NASA scientist Dr. Olivia Quinn must outwit a corrupt government system in order to warn the public before it’s too late. Veteran astronaut Valerie McKinnon and her son Sawyer are in a race against time to build a space ark that will save humanity. And Armand Balkan, a cutthroat trillionaire who seeks to maintain his empire at all costs, could either help save or doom them all.

Previously $2.99

Category: Hard Science Fiction