Earth’s Last Starship

by Daniel Peyton

The Earth had four fleets to fight the invading enemy. The first fleet valiantly protected earth, but it wasn’t enough. Three fleets would arrive soon and end the threat…but they never came through the wormhole. One ship escaped the massacre, fleeing deep into space while the rest of Earth’s defenses were destroyed. Only the barrier around the planet keeps the enemy from finishing what they started.
Ten years have passed for the USS Orlando. Captain Brian Shepard and his dwindling crew are dedicated to saving their home and he is certain there is a way to find those missing three fleets. The answer rests with a human scientist lost in the galaxy, but when the crew of the USS Orlando locates him, they encounter a strange alien who can help them find the answers they seek. But will he hold the answers they need?

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion