Earth Warden: A Sci Fi Adventure

by Tony James Slater

Lord Kreon, Warden of the First Circle, has a problem. He’s been forced to kill another apprentice, and he’s rapidly running out of candidates…

The Wardens are the galaxy’s last line of defence.
Powerful warriors, they stand firm against every threat humanity faces.
It’s more than just a career – it’s a sacred calling.
But it comes with a very short life expectancy.

Raised on modern-day Earth, Tristan knows nothing of this.
He’s been fighting just to survive, ever since the day his dad left for work – and never came home.
He’s always believed that there was more to life. That he was special somehow… that he could make a difference.
He’s about to get a lot more than he bargained for!

With a healthy dose of Joss Whedon-style humour, fans of Firefly and The Orville will love this fast-paced and action-packed space opera.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Warden’s Folly

by Tony James Slater

Lord Anakreon, Warden of the First Circle, has lost a weapon.

Not just any weapon; the Planet Forge is an ancient alien artefact with the power to create worlds…
Or to end them.

His arch-rival, the traitor Lord Demios, is hell-bent on conquering Earth. He aims to tear the planet to pieces, and sell off the human population for spare parts. As sworn guardians of Earth, Anakreon and his hand-picked crew of fighters must stop him, no matter how terrible the cost. But that is not their only challenge.

Because there are far, far worse things than rogue Wardens in the galaxy.
As the people on the sleepy planet of Arixia are about to find out…

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