Earth Song

by Nick Cook

What if the aliens have always been here?

That’s the question that Lauren is asking as she pursues the truth behind the conspiracy of silence around UFOs.

But after a year of dead ends and a personal tragedy, Lauren is on the verge of giving up. Yet she can’t ignore the sudden alerts erupting across the international UFO forums about a new alien phenomenon. What are the crystal runic symbols that have started to appear all over the Isles of Orkney? Do they mean that an ancient alien race are reaching out to humanity, and if so, why?

In her search for answers, Lauren teams up with archaeologist Jack Harper. But they’re up against an oligarchy intent on suppressing the truth behind UFOs – who will stop at nothing to silence them.

Can Lauren and Jack unlock the secret buried in Orkney to defend Earth against a threat set to extinguish life on our planet forever?

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – First Contact