by Jonathan Yanez

His past is about to catch up to him…
…in the worst kind of way.

Now, he must choose:
Remain hidden or embrace what he was created to be.

Earth is all but a wasteland.
Humanity has colonized the Moon and Mars but as they look beyond, something is looking back.

Because shadow corporations and a corrupt government are vying for what’s left of Earth’s resources – at any cost.

Soon, Daniel will have to choose to use the very thing that sets him apart from humanity to save them or let them perish in the black.

How can this mercenary bring justice when he’s only been programmed for vengeance?

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Category: Science Fiction – Military


by Jonathan Yanez

Redemption exists but the price must be paid in blood.

Daniel Hunt is still searching for answers to his past. Along the way, he stumbled across The Order, an ancient society credited for toppling Earth.

His search will take him into the Badlands where a former member of the Pack Protocol has made her home. Except all is not as it seems in the small town and war is in the air.

To survive the emerging forces Daniel will have to come to peace with his past. Allies will need to be found and formed. A far greater threat than anyone could have imagined approaches on the blood moon.

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