Drix Alien Halfbreed

by C. Y. Croc

Drix is ecstatic, his clan are reviving an outlawed female hunting game. But when the clan’s leader reveals a mixed group of females he’s disappointed by the offerings – especially with the small pathetic unknown species with translucent pale skin. She repulses him the most.
Yet, something in her fragility stirs emotions in him, and he has carnal thoughts of her – thoughts he can’t ignore.
Marcella can’t believe what’s happening. One minute she is out running and the next she is tied up with a group of terrified alien women on a spaceship.
But when they are all dumped in a strange forest, it’s not the terrifying shrieking coming from the forest depths that frightens Marcella, it’s the huge purple alien who has horns jutting from his shoulders and elbows, a chest covered in scars, and a look of disgust in his eyes whenever he rakes them over her body – he gives her shivers!

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure