Dregs of the Culver Waste Book 1 – Sand and Scrap

by Chris Sendrowski

Are you a fan of Sanderson and Abercrombie or just thirsting for a gritty fantasy tale?

Then join scrapper and wanderer, Michael Carter, and his fellow scavengers as they venture into the barren and deadly Culver Waste. A land so ravaged by years of war and magic, one false step could mean instant and agonizing death.

But great riches await those brave enough to explore its abandoned cities and battlefields. Relics and weapons so powerful, that when Michael and his companions unearth a mysterious chamber, the eyes of the world turn upon the Waste.

For within the device lies a magical mineral so powerful, its wielders could control both the land and sky.

Now Michael and his companions must race across the Culver in the hopes of hiding the weapon from those who would exploit it.

For the fate of the Culver, and possibly the entire world, now rests upon their shoulders.

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Category: Dark Fantasy