Dragons Are a Girl’s Best Friend

by Isla Frost

My name’s Lyra Ridley, and I run headlong into supernatural danger for a living.

The supernaturals are out of hiding.

All of humankind has been inflicted with magic of their own.

And my job protecting the streets of post-magic-revolution Las Vegas comes with a lot of occupational hazards…

So when I get suspended and some jackass takes my city hostage? Yeah, there’s going to be hell to pay.

Even if it means I have to team up with a mysterious supernatural I know nothing about—except that he has pointy ears, a rod up his backside, questionable priorities, and could kill me with his eyes closed.

My dragon partner likes him even less than I do. Then again, she doesn’t like anyone, including me most of the time. But I’m *pretty* sure she won’t barbecue either one of us…

Still, you’d better wish me luck.

Fans of Kim Harrison and Ilona Andrews, dive into this thrilling new world!

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban