by Randall Seeley

Secret Organizations. Life altering potions. Lawbreakers taking advantage of both. When friends trying to make a fortune by selling illegal dralchoms accidentally uncover a secret, it sets events into motion that has the entire team running for their lives. But death isn’t always the worst outcome…dragonlyst can turn you into a dragon.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Alderidon Wolves

by Randall Seeley

An entitled prince. A patient mentor. A dwarf of prophecy planning to conquer the world.

When Waydsyn Scot and Owen Delmsmith are caught trying to steal draestl, they’re almost discharged from the military. But instead, they’re reassigned to guard a caravan heading to a nearby border city. They thought it would be a routine assignment. But when they encounter a ravaged caravan, they uncover a plot that will threaten all of Ardonor…Thraegar Thornclaw is real. He’s uniting the dwarves. And he’s coming for Waydsyn Scot.

Previously $2.99