Dragon Riders of Ragond: Nine Book World Boxset

by Ava Richardson

Dragons and dragon riders are all that stands between Ragond and total annihilation. But Ragond is a realm that exists beside Earth, and when portals begin to open, everyone is in danger.

In the Ragond’s Portal War trilogy Nova’s life changes forever when a dragon whisks her and her best friend, Zephyr, into the magical world of Ragond. With an uptick in the mysterious and unstable portals between worlds, she must embark on a quest to discover the truth about Ragond’s past.

In the Reaping of Ragond trilogy, Kira must leave her village for the first time to find a cure for a disturbing dragon sickness. Strangers from a faraway realm say they want to help, but their leader is hiding secrets, and the Aurium may be lying about their true purpose.

In the Ragond’s Witch Hunter trilogy, Yanna is flung into Ragond, separated from the only family she knows…

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Category: Fantasy – Epic