Dragon Plagued

by Travis Simmons

Dragons have returned to the lowlands of the Dar Desert, and the lands burn before their fury.

Wylan Atwater’s home has been destroyed. The farming life she’s known for 18 years is nothing more than a pile of ash and bloodstained sand. There’s only one to blame: the blue dragon. If it hadn’t come, if it hadn’t attacked, maybe she would have been able to get her family to the safety of the imperial city, Darubai. Now there’s only one option she can see: to kill the blue dragon, and put her parent’s memory to rest.

But strange visions of a woman who can control dragons consumes her mind, and pulls her away from her quest. Who is this lady, and how might she help Wylan destroy the dragon that ruined her life? Dogged by danger and hunted by dragons, Wylan is tested time and again as she rises to meet her quest for revenge. Will she live long enough to kill the dragon? Or will the hazards of the long desert claim her life before she can find the blue dragon?

Filled with vengeful dragons, dangerous magic, wistful elves, and a kingdom in peril, Dragon Plagued is a non-stop fantasy adventure!

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery