Dragon Forged

by Travis Simmons

In the long desert only the strong survive. But it will take more than strength to survive what’s coming.

In the long desert, civilization doesn’t run according to any rule, and Wylan Atwater is learning that the hard way. Her first circuit as a recruit in the dragon guard should be an easy one. But a sandstorm and magic wielding drakes destroy those plans. Injured, far from safety, and without the use of her wyvern, Wylan isn’t sure she’ll live to see the next day, let alone home again.

Meanwhile, back in Darubai, Josef is on the trail of a dragon-killing madman. And the murderer is targeting the dragons who keep city safe from attacking legions. Will he find the murderer before the good dragons turn against them? Or will he only fuel the racial divide that keeps the dragons and humans of Darubai at odds with one another?

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery