Tame the Witch

by Emmi Rue and E.S. Walker

A witch on the run. Five sexy shifters playing a dangerous game. A reverse harem paranormal romance that will sweep you off your feet and steal your heart.
Kate is broke, homeless, and desperate for a change. Redwood Cove may be the fresh start she’s been looking for.
A haven to those of supernatural origin, she finds herself drawn to it…and the five heirs of the founding families. Dragons, wolves, panthers, and more unite to protect her. A world of wealth and prestige awaits, but first, the wild witch must be tamed or succumb to the darkness of her power.

Fans of hot reverse harem romances will fall hard for Tame the Witch, the first in a series of paranormal novella by bestselling author, Emmi Rue and E.S. Walker.
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Reading Order:
Tame the Witch
Train the Witch
Test the Witch

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban