Draegan Mother – The Dragons’ Clan Book 2

by Dana Ladell

Loreli went insane when she completed The Ritual to awaken her Gifts, wreaking havoc on all those around her. She finds a lost dragon egg and bonds to Aquira, who is more cracked than she is. Everything depends on her husband Mikhail getting Loreli and her sociopathic dragon back, but it won’t be easy.

Meanwhile, Loreli and Mikhail’s daughter, Sheridan, youngest Apprentice Seer in Clan history, struggles with her newly awakened Gifts. At the age of four she can’t block out the thoughts of anyone around her. They bombard her mind incessantly, making it impossible for her to perfect the use of her many strong Gifts. Will she master control of her Gifts or meltdown completely?

When Sheridan is kidnapped by an unknown adversary, The Clan is frantic! She is the key to the future of more than The Clan’s survival. Will The Clan get her back or fade into extinction?

Read now to find out!

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban