Draconia World Series: The Complete Collection Books 1-4 & Prequel

by Joanna Mazurkiewicz

Dragon Fever will destroy not one world, but two—unless she can atone for the sins of her past to protect the future.

Once upon a time, non-magical warden Fran stole a golden dragon egg.

Now her only job is to protect it. So when a crack opens between worlds, she escapes into London, a land she’s only heard of in stories.

But death follows her.

Hounded by Dark Ones and the knowledge that the egg won’t survive in the mundane world of humans, Fran gathers a team to save the egg, protect magic, and reveal the truth that could cure many dying wardens.

It’s still not enough.

Until she meets Idris, half-mage and half-human. He’s a Dark One, and Fran’s convinced he’s her enemy. Still, there’s something between them that makes her want to trust him.

Between them, they might just be able to save everything.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban