Doors to Eternity

by Scott Rhine

Wrestling with giants, tracking evil spirits, and starting a blood feud with heretic wizards—it’s just another day of searching for truth. An epic sword and sorcery mosaic in the style of A Game of Thrones, Tolkien, or the Belgariad.

Tashi the sheriff is one of the last priests of the Traveler. Avoiding the Brotherhood of Executioners, he visits ancient temples in order to close the Doors to Eternity—the places where magic creeps into our world. Something went horribly wrong when the Inner Islands erupted, something only a priest can fix. Following riddles from a dead faith and a stolen sword, his quest ignites brushfires of heresy and civil war, making new enemies with every border he crosses. All roads lead to the legendary City of the Gods.

Seasoned with humor and action, this world has been built from the coins and calendars up.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery