Dome Six

by CP James

The discovery of a strange signal makes a young technician and his uncle question all they know about their utopian refuge. Now, they must solve the biggest mystery of all:

Is there life beyond Dome Six?

Cytocorp’s Dome Project was meant to protect humanity from a climate catastrophe. When they lost contact with the outside world, all they could do was wait and hope. But four generations later, Dome Six is still waiting, and hope is in short supply.

When a suspected saboteur threatens the safety of the Dome, Owen and his conspiracy-loving uncle uncover a mysterious signal that may point to the way out. But a veil of lies has long obscured the Dome’s secrets, and the ruling Authority will kill to protect them.

As the only world he’s ever known crumbles around them, Owen and his friends must stop the Authority and escape before the Dome becomes their tomb.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian