Dog Aliens 1

by Cherise Kelley

This is top secret. You can’t tell anyone. No humans can know that dogs are aliens! They came from two rival planets – Kax and Nique – to mine something called jex.

We humans don’t use jex, so the invasion is peaceful.

In fact, it was supposed to be a short term invasion, but somewhere along the way, humans accidentally tapped into the Kaxian psychic collective. The aliens didn’t mean to, but they have irreversibly bonded to humans.

But authorities back on their home planets insist they continue mining jex. And jex is rare, so the little Niques and the large Kaxians are stuck here in an ongoing rivalry.

It’s only our cats who try and explain all this to us humans. So far, we haven’t listened.

Talking dogs, so put in Children’s — but intended for all dog lovers who are science fiction fans. Finished trilogy of novels. Happy endings. Get the free short story Kaxian Duty as well!

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