Do the Gods Hear Our Prayers?

by Jeff Henrikson

The last elven kingdom on Tellus is under siege. Backed by the gods themselves, millennia-old enemies are ready to deliver the coup de grace.

At the vanguard of the assault is the ruthless Talon Thieves Guild. The immortal Guildmaster is hell-bent on establishing the first thieves kingdom in history. If allying himself with the Krone of the Underworld and starting a war between the elves and the humans is what he has to do, then so be it.

Rising from the ashes of their fallen homeland are two elven brothers. Sent into exile, they must decide how best to serve themselves and their people. Hot on the brothers’ trail is the Guild’s most celebrated assassin, an elf who is a traitor to his heritage.

Each side marches to war seeking the favor of the divine, wondering all the while if the gods hear their prayers.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery