Divinity’s Twilight: Rebirth

by Christopher Russell

Seven centuries ago, Darmatus Aurelian won the Illyriite War, felling his own brother and giving up his life to close the Oblivion Well—a ravenous vortex that threatened to consume all life on Lozaria.

Yet his legacy has been forgotten. Though technology has revolutionized the spread of trade and information across the continent, mortal still fights mortal, oblivious to the creeping doom that stalks them from the shadows. Against a backdrop of soaring airships, marching armies, and scheming rulers, Vallen Metellus—a lowly cadet with a dubious past—must take up Darmatus’ mantle and finish what the legendary hero could not. The war isn’t over, the past isn’t buried, and a vengeful ancient power is about to be unleashed in the name of justice.

Victory is never absolute.

Winner of the 2020 OZMA Award for Best Fantasy
Winner of the 2021 American Fiction Award for Epic Fantasy

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Category: Fantasy – Epic