Discovery of the Saiph

by PP Corcoran

“Amazing epic space battles, space colonization, discovery of new alien cultures, and desperate missions behind enemy lines.”

The Marco Polo is the first of it’s kind to leave Earth’s Solar System and lead humankind to Proxima Centauri. Unexpectedly the ship’s scientists detect power readings, they confirm they are artificial, obviously alien and emanate from Planet III… a wasteland that suffered a devastating nuclear bombardment many thousands of years before. But deep underground an alien library is unlocked. Human DNA is the key.

Soon the Terran Republic understand there is but one certainty, the ‘Others’ are coming

Readers say:
“Look out star wars! A new epic space saga has landed”
“If you are a [Jack] McDevitt fan, read this novel.””
“I highly recommend it to SciFi fans”
“A good old fashioned science fiction military adventure for the young at heart!””

Get the first two books in the series for just 99 cents total!

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Military


Search for the Saiph

by PP Corcoran

A must for Space Opera lovers!

The defeated Others’ Fleet stumbles across a human merchant ship and captures The Happy Wanderer before it can purge it’s computers of it’s precious navigation and technical documents, putting the Others on a dangerous technical parity with humanity and it’s allies. In addition, the Commonwealth Union of Planets suffers a catastrophic betrayal at the hands of the Alonian Empire. If the Union cannot survive, how can they defeat the xenocidal Others?

Admiral John Radford is tasked to lead the Commonwealth Fleet in a hard fought, bloody battle and find a way to stop the Others from striking at the heart of humanity

Praise for Search for the Saiph:

“The plot is very rich and intricate and the characters develop very nicely.”
“An excellent read… The story moves at a cracking pace.”

Previously $3.99

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