Dex Wexler: Space Detective

by Richard Langridge

A lonely high-schooler who dreams of adventure. A detective on an urgent mission…

Lonesome high-schooler Bif Schulz spends his days dodging Elk Grove’s resident bully and dreaming up ways to escape his mundane existence – that is, until a chance encounter sees him suddenly catapulted across the universe, in a vehicle shaped uncannily like a Winnebago, with a man who claims to be the galaxy’s greatest detective. Now all Bif wants is to get back to the life he so craved to get away from.

Unfortunately for Bif, however, his captor has other plans. He’s on a mission, see. And he needs a sidekick. And whether Bif likes it or not, he’s it.

Will Bif manage to return home? Is insanity catching? And what’s all this business about assassination plots?

Prison planets. Space worms. More pop culture references than you can shake a Wilbanark’s proboscis at.

All just another day at the office.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Adventure