Dethroned: Act I

by Jim Kozak

It’s 2157, and the world already ended once. Humanity recovered. Now what?

The Earth Global Initiative formed to protect and insulate humanity from an epidemic annihilating the world’s population. After trying to combat the devastation wrought by the disease, they corralled the survivors inside their ‘New’ cities until a cure was found.

That was forty years ago, and as the EGI’s new status quo has beaten the people into submissive apathy, groups aiming to rip them out of power have formed. One such group possesses the ability to do just that, but the time isn’t right. All the pieces are not yet in place…

Seth Renquist owes his survival to the EGI military and has made a career of uncovering some of the worst humanity has to offer. But what he’s about to learn will lead him down a path that will engulf the world in flames.

Can you hear them, yet?
The drums begin their beat.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian