by Rae Hendricks

An orphan will discover her lineage resides in a world of magic and gods she never could have imagined…
Shiloh was simply a girl coasting by, waiting for the day she could leave her old life where she didn’t quite fit in and find herself. But she gets her wish sooner than later when she gets lost on her usual walk in the woods and crosses a bridge only to find herself attacked by strong little creatures with hissing voices and sharp teeth.
Now, Shiloh is facing a prophecy that made her very own mother and father sacrifice so much to get her to the human realm to protect her until the time was right. And that time is now.
She must face gods, both good and evil and her own magic she must control and hone in order to fulfill a destiny that she isn’t even sure if she is cut out for.
When tragedy strikes, will she run and try to forget all she has learned, or will she stand and fight?

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age