Dessa-Spirit of Vengeance

by Andreya Lombardi

Fight for the militia? Or for a hidden agenda? Cabil knows Syreene all to well—her motives marked with the stain of vengeance of her murdered parents. But Syreene is bent on learning the craft of elemental-wielding for better or for worse, even though her pyro-dancing human foster brother keeps her under lock and key.

The life of a schoolgirl carries little excitement to spark her itch of finding the demon who slayed her biological parents. Cabil insists on letting go of the past, but the fire under the redhead’s furnace burns hot. Even hotter when her older brother comes home one night, unconscious, past town curfew, slung over a mysterious man’s shoulder and plastered with blood. It’s a lot to take in—having to see her brother possibly hanging on the brink of death! Syreene’s story unfolds further when she discovers her brother’s savior holds answers to her haunting history.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure