Desert Nights (The Complete Series): An Aladdin Retelling

by Helena Rookwood

A princess with a secret.
A djinni without a past.
A love that could save a kingdom…

Zadie is a wild, headstrong princess who dreams of being queen.

And when she’s forced to take her elder sister’s place in a betrothal to the most eligible sultan in the twelve kingdoms, it seems like her wish to rule might come true.

But the handsome Sultan Kassim is far from thrilled by his willful new bride, who is nothing like the quiet, obedient beauty he was promised.

When an ancient blood feud brings war to Astaran, Zadie and Kassim are thrust together to track down the magic lamps they desperately need to face an impossible army.

At the end of it all, will Zadie sacrifice everything to save the man and the kingdom she loves?

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales