by E. J. Wenstrom

Tonight, seventeen-year-old Evalee is scheduled to die.
She’s planned her celebration for weeks, and other than leaving her sister Gracelyn behind, Evalee is ready. She shouldn’t be nervous; the Directorate says this is how it should be, and it is never wrong. So she wears her best dress and dances the night away with all of her appointed friends and family. Then she goes to sleep for the last time…

Except, the next morning, Evalee wakes up.

Before the Directorate can correct its mistake and get rid of Evelee for good, she is swept away by rebels to a world she grew up believing couldn’t exist—one filled with unpredictability and messy choices. As the Directorate’s lies are stripped away, Evalee becomes determined to break Gracelyn free from its grasp—before Gracelyn’s search for the truth draws the Directorate’s attention and makes her more valuable to them dead than alive.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian