Demons of Time

by Varun Sayal

Billions will drop dead in an instant…

…and he’s got one chance to stop it.

Will he survive the travel to the future and save the world?

Ancient India. A simple villager, Tej, is presented with a chance to seek vengeance. The demon who tormented his mother, has fled to the future. This demon is brewing an apocalypse of epic proportions.

An army of clairvoyants will guide Tej, but he needs to traverse the future on his own. And time is running out.

Thrown into a world full of electronics, armed conflicts, and secret castles, can this ancient villager avenge his mother? And can he save the world before the seventh sunset?

If you like time travel stories and unexpected twists, you will love this book.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel