Dek Unu: Another Tomorrow

by Gor De Meel

In the Mainland – a sovereign society formed in Africa following a near world-annihilation event – religion, faith and nationalism have been outlawed, deemed responsible for humanity’s self-destruction.
Mankind was declared inferior, easily brainwashed and susceptible to believing superstitions. An artificial intelligence was put in charge of all internal affairs and residents were forbidden to use any technology that their ancestors relied on.
When an archeological expedition is sent to an isolated dig site to document the ancient world, Muracius Goodmond, Head of the Department for the Study of History Verification, uncovers a thirteen-hundred-year-old diary. He is amazed and horrified to learn that its contents contradict common scientific knowledge.
This is the story of eleven children whose lives are about to change and of the scholars who try to protect them.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Dek Unu: Ashen Stake

by Gor De Meel

Four years have passed.
The Mainland is in a state of unrest, as the underground is no longer just a rumor. The Holders of Responsibility tighten the Instructions of Stupid John, doing their utmost to hold on to their power.
Muracius Goodmond and the other Tidhar Group scholars carefully follow the eleven youngsters, trying in vain to keep them safe.
As each of the eleven struggle with their own challenges, they all wonder: Is a deadly clash between them now inevitable?
This is the second book of Gor De Meel’s Dek Unu trilogy.

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