by Jason Krumbine

After a single encounter with the mysterious alien race identified only as Species 4876, the United Planetary Alliance was nearly decimated. Stopping their lone vessel was almost a hollow victory in the aftermath of the haunting mystery that Species 4876 presented: Where had they come from? Why did they attack us? And most of all, what if they came back?

But they never did.

Today, the threat of Species 4876 is a distant memory, a nearly forgotten footnote in the history books.

Or is it?

On the outer rim, cut off from any backup, ignored by Fleet Admiralty and surrounded by a hostile empire and an interstellar crime syndicate, Captain Mitchell and his crew of the USS Defiance find themselves as the first, and possibly only, defense against an alien menace that the rest of the galaxy has all but forgotten about.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

Hand of God

by Jason Krumbine

On the edge of UPA space a mysterious vessel has appeared.

No one knows where it came from.

It has no callsign or identifying marks.

The vessel simply transmits a standard S.O.S. in a signal that hasn’t been used in hundreds of years: Morse code.

While still recovering from their losses on Carlock, the USS Defiance is dispatched to investigate. But when they arrive they discover that every single individual on the ship has already been dead for hundreds of years.

As Captain Mitchell and his crew work to unravel the mystery of this ghost ship, they soon find themselves confronted by something far worse than a simple space mystery:

What killed this crew so long ago is still very much onboard and still is very much alive.

Previously $4.99

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