by Connor Peterson

At fourteen, Christian Richardson witnessed his father’s murder. Part of him would be forever scarred with the memory and would lead him into the life of a mercenary.

His sword skills were enough to earn a roof to sleep under and food to put in his stomach, but what Christian truly wanted was revenge. Although he hadn’t recognized the man who ended his father’s life, the murderer had been wearing a red cloak decorated with the image of a circled flame. It was enough to give him hope of finding answers, even if it wouldn’t be easy.

For a decade, Christian lives his life in the moments scattered between his pursuit of the red cloaks. He makes friends, takes lovers, and finds a measure of purpose in his work. But that scar inside him can’t be healed, no matter how much contentment he finds.

When everything he’s dreamed of is finally in his reach, it won’t come without a cost.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery