Dead Silence (The Everlasting Chronicles, Book 1)

by K.G. Reuss

Dead. Not Gone. Definitely not silent.

My name is Everly, and I’m haunted by the dead. Or maybe hunted is a better word since it seems the dead want to make me one of them. Luckily, I have Shadow on my side, the formidable, powerful being who’s been with me since the start of all the madness. He never speaks. But I know he’s my protector, slaying the demons that get too close and saving me from whatever seeks to harm me, even myself. I just want a normal life. But I’m not normal. And nothing is as it seems. Not even Shadow. He’s so much more than I imagined.

My fear and destiny collide to bring me to the doorstep of a place I never dreamed possible. I won’t be alone. Shadow will be there. And so will they. The dead. Because I’m never alone.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban