Dead People

by Douglas Rappaport

Everything changed when the Stringfellows arrived on Earth and restarted the world. The bad news is that the aliens randomly chose which people to bring back to life. No rhyme or reason. From across time. The good and the bad. To take care of the more evil of these unfortunate returns, the Stringfellows have tasked certain humans with the new occupation of assassin. Following a unique and mysterious point system, the ultimate reward for their bloody work is the chance to bring back a person of their choosing. Crass and blunt, hitman Mild McMahon only wants to bring back one person: his mother. But to do this he’ll have to kill some of the worst people in history. Given assignments by his talking dog and forced to team up with an unlikely assassin with a near addiction to breath mints, Mild must hunt down a murderers’ row of notorious killers and hope he still has time for coffee.

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Adventure