Dead Man’s Hand

by Stacey Rourke

With a touch of her hand, Octavia Hollows can restore life. Yet, she couldn’t save the man she loved from the horrific accident that stole him from her. Octavia thought she could outrun the pain, but ghosts from the past refuse to be silenced. Out of options, she chooses to retrace her wayward journey across the country in search of answers. Surrounded by baffling mysteries of the undead, what she learns about herself along the way might become her greatest weapon.

Las Vegas, Nevada: Sin City

When Octavia visits her old boss to get a few questions answered, she stumbles onto yet another mystery. This time in the form of a charred body and a huge stack of cash. Thinking she is doing a good deed, she wakes the victim to help him seek justice for his death. Instead, she finds herself on the run from a mob hitman, and tempted by a malevolent entity offering her heart’s desire.

Previously $1.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban