Dead and Dead for Real

by R.L. Clayton

Kiki Russell is the hottest sniper in the U. S. Army. She has been hurting the extremist so badly they have put a bounty on her head. When that fails to stop her, they send a team to the United States to murder her family. She returns to the U. S. and along with her friend from Afghanistan, Nick Sabino, they embark on a program to hunt down the killers. Using unconventional methods for interrogation, they move up the ladder from the actual killers to those behind this program of brutally slaying military dependents. Terror has come to the shores of the United States, and with the FBI and CIA, they capture and stop this campaign. During their interrogations, they encounter a new power, one beyond control and unstoppable. Caught in an intergovernmental struggle for power, Nick and Kiki become unwilling participants and their program of seek and destroy becomes one of escape and evade.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian